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Tradition and history

With pioneering spirit, courage and a drive to move forward – Benteler has developed from a small ironmonger's shop to a global company in about 140-years of success.

1876 - 1930

1876: Carl Benteler opens an ironmongery shop in Bielefeld, Germany.

1908: His son, Eduard Benteler, takes over the business.

1916: Eduard Benteler purchases his first engineering works.

1918: First production of drawn tubes starts.

1922: Founding of the Benteler-Werke Aktiengesellschaft.

1923: Start of manufacturing of seamless and welded tubes in Paderborn and Schloss Neuhaus, Germany.

1930: The Company sets up a department for the fabrication of masts and poles for lamp posts.

1931 - 1950

1935: First order from the automotive industry: Benteler delivers exhaust pipes for the Ford Eifel.

1942: Erich Benteler takes over the management of the Company with a workforce of 2,000.

1945 - 1950: Rebuilding of manufacturing facilities by brothers Erich and Helmut Benteler: railway, bicycle and automotive industry / textile finishing, plastic and glass processing machines.

1950: Benteler produces refrigerators under the brand name "Delta".

1951 - 1980

1951: The Paderwerk plant is set up in Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus for the production of seamless hot-rolled tubes.

1952: Production of the small car "Champion" in Paderborn-Moenkeloh. A total of 2,000 cars were produced.

1955: First steel is cast in Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus.

1957: Founding of the first Roehren- und Stahllager (today Benteler Distribution) in Berlin, Germany.

1958/59: Introduction of the vacuum continuous casting process at the Paderwerk.

1974: Modern electric steel mill commences operation in Lingen/Ems, Germany.

1976: Benteler celebrates its 100th anniversary with more than 9,000 employees in Germany.

1977: First production of axles in the Paderborn-Talle plant.

1980: First metal forming production facilities in the USA – beginning of the international extension of company sites.

1981 - 2000

1987: First Automotive plant is set up in Spain.

1991: Hubertus Benteler becomes Chairman of the Executive Board and assumes the management of the Company.

1991: Specialization in prefinished components for the automotive industry and just-in-time supply to the automakers.

1992 - 1997: With new plants in Mexico, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, and Argentina, Benteler Automotive expands its worldwide presence intensively.

1999: Benteler becomes a management holding company with legally independent business divisions.

2001 - 2009

2001: The Benteler Group celebrates its 125th anniversary with 17,000 employees worldwide – one of the 100 largest industrial companies in Germany.  

2007: Benteler Steel/Tube buys the Rothrist Group. The Swiss company manufactures welded precision steel tubes mainly used in the automotive industry.

2008: Benteler Distribution establishes locations in Eastern Europe and founds local companies in Romania, Croatia, and Ukraine.

2008: Benteler's Rohrspatzen Day Care Center opens at the Benteler's largest site in Paderborn, Germany.

2008: Founding of the Benteler-SGL GmbH & Co. KG joint venture in Paderborn, Germany. The project between the SGL Group and Benteler Automotive will develop, make and market components based on carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the automotive industry.

2009: Benteler-SGL GmbH & Co. KG acquires Fischer Composite Technologie GmbH in Ried im Innkreis, Austria. The aim is to expand expertise in composite components for the automotive industry.

2010 - today

2010: Benteler Automotive purchases the Automotive Structures business of the Norwegian company Norsk Hydro ASA. The business unit manufactures aluminum components for the automotive industry.

2010: Benteler Automotive takes over a pressing plant in Puebla, Mexico, which is now doing business under the name Benteler Puebla Stamping.

2010: The former engineering companies PDE Automotive, Incon Automotive and Fasitet PDE are unified and now operate under the name Benteler Engineering Services.

2010: Effective July 1, 2010, the newly founded Benteler International AG, with headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, supplements the structure of the Benteler Group. The strategic management functions of the corporation are now concentrated in this holding company.

2011: Set-up of new plants in China and Turkey and the expansion of existing plants in Russia, India and South Africa.

2011: At the end of February a large-scale fire broke out at the hot rolling mill of Benteler Steel/Tube in Dinslaken, Germany. Due to expensive damage, production had to be stopped for several months.

2011: Most of all purchasing activities of the Benteler Group are centralized in an independent corporation, the Benteler Global Procurement GmbH, located in Paderborn. 

2012: Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH takes over the Norwegian company Farsund Aluminium Casting AS (FAC). FAC is a supplier of aluminum low-pressure die castings for the automotive industry.

2015: The Benteler Group employs 30,000 persons at 170 locations in 37 countries.