Clear values. Clear objectives. Our way.

Short distances, quick decisions, partnership with our customers. Our vision is easily stated: We want to play a leading role in those business sectors in which we are active. Far-seeing, entrepreneurial thinking at all levels is an essential reason why we succeed in achieving our vision every day. One of our central concerns is striving to achieve a meaningful reconciliation of all interests – customers, suppliers, and shareholders – within the framework of our corporate strategy. At the same time, the overall strategic goals of the BENTELER Group – long-term, continual increases in corporate value and financial independence – continue to form the basis of our objectives and decisions.

Compliance at BENTELER

The Compliance Management System is applicable for the entire BENTELER Group. The short manual provides an overview of our compliance culture and goals, our organization, and the individual elements of the compliance program.

The BENTELER Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy and code of conduct apply to all the activities of the BENTELER Group: both with regard to our internal cooperation as well as in relation to our business partners, governmental institutions and society in general.

Our Values

Curiously seeking out new paths and taking decisions autonomously.

Striving for excellence every day.

Appreciative collaboration and direct communication.