Sports sponsoring: We support SC Paderborn 07 football club

Sport motivates, arouses strong emotions and inspires enthusiasm. Sport is also very important to us at BENTELER. We have been promoting sporting activity among our employees in Germany for 25 years with our very own Sports-Manager who organizes events such as football tournaments and running meets. We understand how crucial sport is to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and are therefore very happy to champion this.

As one of the biggest employers in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region - and since we have our roots in Paderborn (Germany) - we sponsor the local football club SC Paderborn 07. The team faces opposing teams in the BENTELER-Arena on a regular basis, celebrates its successes together with us and learns from its defeats.

Our employees and their families also benefit from our role as sponsor, and can regularly win tickets for home matches in our competitions. What’s more, up to three times a year we offer employees' children the chance to be a match mascot and walk out on to the pitch with their footballing idols. Our sponsorship of SC Paderborn 07 is a clear acknowledgement of Paderborn and our roots here.

SC Paderborn 07

Today’s SC Paderborn 07 was initially created in 1985 under the name TuS Paderborn-Neuhaus, from a merger between TuS Schloß Neuhaus and 1. FC Paderborn. The two clubs had themselves been the products of earlier mergers. 

BENTELER-Arena – the dates and facts:

  • Length: 156 m
  • Width: 115 m
  • Height: 22.64 m
  • Capacity: 15,000 visitors
  • Seats: 5,800 (of these, VIP seats: 730)
  • Standing places: 9,200
  • Special feature: All places are covered!
  • Office/administration area: 3,200 m²

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