Corporate social responsibility at BENTELER

BENTELER takes on responsibility – and we do it gladly. That's why we develop solutions that make the difference. For our customers, for society and for the environment.


We protect the environment by being very careful in how we use resources and energy. For example, we recycle 96 percent of the waste in the Automotive Division. And the waste heat from one of our process furnaces in our hot rolling mill at Schloss Neuhaus is used to heat public buildings. When it comes to new machinery, we look closely at its environmental compatibility – the new cathodic dip coating system in Puebla, Mexico, for example, has insulated tanks, heat recovery, efficient pumps, exhaust-air cleaning and chemical water purification.

For us, sustainability also means regional involvement. We buy most of our raw materials, goods and services in the locations where we have our production plants. In those locations we also take part in sponsoring and charitable activities. In particular we focus on projects for children and young people, and in education, one such being the endowed professorship in the lightweight design of cars. Our employees also volunteer to help in social projects outside of their job – some have even dressed up as super heroes to visit a children's hospital.


For us business success is directly linked to our responsibility towards the environment. For example, each year tubes made by BENTELER deliver 200 megawatts of solar energy. These tubes are in operation at our customer Rioglass, world market leader in the field of concentrated solar energy. We delivered around 100,000 special tubes to Rioglass for its African power plants. More on our sustainability activities here.


Our innovative components save our automotive customers up to 40% on component weight. That makes cars lighter, reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment. So, what else can BENTELER do to make the cars of the future more eco-friendly? That is precisely what we are exploring, for example in our support for the endowed professorship in “Lightweight construction in cars” at the University of Paderborn. More on our sustainability initiatives here.


Ecological thinking and action are not empty words at BENTELER. We are very much aware of our social responsibility towards society: the Automotive Division recycles 96% of its total waste. With steel and aluminum components that figure is as high as 100%. Here´s more about our sustainability activities.

BENTELER makes it happen.

Further information on how we produce first-class solutions with a clear conscience can be found at our Sustainability Report.