Our employees

Only people who are happy and motivated will deliver their best. Encouragement and reward are essential for achieving excellence. And employees who have the opportunity to keep learning, stay loyal to the company.

For these reasons BENTELER offers its 30,000 employees worldwide a range of opportunities to develop their skills – from trainees to top managers, from production operators to office staff. Because a company is the sum of all its employees. They are the most important guarantors of success.

We offer our employees a range of options for further training:

  • In Paderborn we have our own Education and Training Center, which provides programs for young talents and skilled workers.
  • The NAO Academy gives employees of BENTELER Automotive in the US the chance to take part in special training courses.
  • In the BENTELER Training System employees can take courses – on a range of themes and based on various educational concepts.
  • Various management training courses are also on offer to managers.
  • Football, dancing, rowing, running, basketball: In terms of sport, too, we are doing quite a lot – for example, we have a dedicated sports manager who has been organizing sports programs and competitions for 25 years now.

Presenting our employees:


Grace Hu knew the industry well even before she came to BENTELER in 2011. Because by then she had already been working for the automotive sector for almost two decades. At BENTELER she was able to use her experience as an engineer and a project and quality manager – and further expand her knowledge. BENTELER supported her throughout.

“I enjoy the work at BENTELER and the chance to take part in further training,” says Hu. In 2014 Grace took part in the internal training program called “Management of Tomorrow”, in the year after that in the “Talent Circle”, in order to expand her management competences. “Even after 20 years in the sector I can still learn things at BENTELER.”

Her thirst for knowledge helped her secure a new post: She was appointed plant manager in 2015 while she was still engaged in further training.


It was the summer of 2005, straight after leaving school. While others were lying in the sun, Daniel Wienhusen started an apprenticeship at BENTELER Automotive. His aim was to secure a place on a combined studies program at college, for which he first needed to pass an apprenticeship. He was successful. His career began to take off. After a Bachelor's degree, he took a Master's. He moved from key account marketing to key account management. BENTELER supported Wienhusen's enthusiasm.

“I was soon allowed to take responsibility for price negotiations involving millions of euros. I developed customer strategies and had input into themes that intersected with different areas,” he explains. One of these projects was the strategy process, a part of the theme of Industry 4.0. Again his passion and dedication shone through. And again he was rewarded for this: Since 2016 Daniel Wienhusen has been responsible for the area of Industry 4.0.


At BENTELER we love development. That goes for our products, and for our employees. In just one year employees at BENTELER Automotive – from the shop floor to executive management – took part in a total of 545,498 hours of training and further development. That´s an average of 23 hours per person per year. We like to invest in our people. Because we know they are the key to our success.


Diversity is important to us. In Brazil we recently set up a team of BENTELER Diversity Ambassadors that is made up of employees from different regions, areas, hierarchy levels and age ranges. Together they drive the theme of diversity in our Brazilian locations.