Progress and innovation

Only those who are open to the new will be able to develop the best solutions for the future.

That's why BENTELER is promoting ideas and fostering innovations, through selected think tanks, start-up platforms and research projects.

Internally, too, we are continuing to develop. Long-term only those who welcome digital change in an open, active and courageous way will be successful. We have been investing for many years in innovations management and pushing ahead with digitalization.

The simulation of systems and facilities even before construction work starts, helps identify where a new plant can be optimized.

The machines monitor their own status and request maintenance in good time. In this way production stoppages are avoided and maintenance costs minimized.

Smart glasses connect local technicians with the specialists. Which means that the specialists do not have to be on site in order to be able to assist in the repair of a machine.

The digital shift affects the entire company: People, organization and technology. How this can be used for the benefit of all is being researched by BENTELER in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute.


“The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds”, according to American author Mark Twain. We at BENTELER value people with unusual ideas. That´s why we get involved with think tanks and innovation platforms. Because only those who are open to new ideas will be able to develop the best solutions for tomorrow.


To ensure optimum quality for our customers, we invest in continuous data analysis of our production processes and intensify the digital integration of our plants. Predictive maintenance. Remote servicing via data goggles. Driverless transport systems. Virtual reality tool. We are gearing our plants up for the digital age. At BENTELER the digital revolution is part of our strategy. It means we can react more quickly and more efficiently to customer wishes.


Adding an atom here, taking one away there. Sounds easy, but this is really advanced science. Our development engineers dig deep into chemical compositions on the trail of new materials for the future. All this effort is worthwhile – it is the basis for BENTELER´s ability to develop quality products for its customers and partners.


In our Business Unit E-Mobility we bring together our competences in structure, chassis and thermomanagement. By doing so, we are able to offer our customers one central contact point for all questions to do with e-mobility. Take a look here for more about our solutions in the automotive field and our BENTELER Electric Drive System.

Narrow bends, long straights for accelerating, acute braking – in spring 2018, the BENTELER Electric Drive System (BEDS) was taken for its first test drive. But not on the road. Instead, the test drive was completely virtual. Combining our system solutions with virtual tests makes us pioneers. That’s how we establish ourselves as strategic development partner for our customers - with great innovative ability and problem-solving expertise. Here you can find a video of the test drive.


“New roads open up when you go down them” – according to writer Franz Kafka. BENTELER has been opening up new roads for 140 years. Always at the cutting edge. Always with the vision and courage to try something new. With the ambition to deliver the very best. And the respect to work together as equals.


In future trucks arriving at BENTELER´s tube-welding plant in Paderborn will drive through a self check-in – a bit like at airports. On site an app then guides the driver to a parking place. The job of offloading is also supported by the latest scanner technology – freight documents are ready at departure at the self check-out terminal. On the road a track-and-trace system navigates the driver all the way to our customer. Fast, transparent, future-capable – that´s how BENTELER is shaping digital change.


Experiencing Industry 4.0 in action: For this purpose, our instructors and apprentices have developed and built an Industry 4.0 training factory together and have recorded a video explaining the concept. The training factory is a complex network of different systems and terminal equipment which interact and work in concert through smart technology. We have systematically equipped it with the technologies which will be of increasing importance for our company. That’s how we prepare our apprentices for the challenges of the future.


Young people are important to us – and our future. We therefore run a range of programs to foster them. For example by providing an opportunity to spend a day looking at how we work with metal in one of our plants. Also, each year we organize a special Girls Camp, to give girls an insight into jobs in industry. With this and a number of other initiatives at our locations we contribute to education and training for young people.


To ensure our customers always get their products at the right time and in top quality, we are ready to lay 20,000 meters of copper cable, or 2,500 meters of optical fiber cable and install 50 touch panels. In future our new digital system will be improving logistics and production processes at our steel tube plant in Rothrist, Switzerland.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” So said none other than English naturalist Charles Darwin. At BENTELER change has always been part of our history. It is our tradition to embrace change. To identify technological as well as economic change at an early stage. Over 142 years this has helped us be successful and it is also the basis for staying competitive in the future.


High precision. A processing spectrum from steel to stainless steel to aluminum. Short production times. Fast delivery in best quality.

As one of the first suppliers in the Czech Republic we realize demanding customer projects by using innovative laser technology. This enables us to produce 650,000 tube components for the automotive and mechanical engineering sector per year. This and many other aspects make us the leading international distribution partner for high-quality steel tubes and related processing services. You can find out more about our customized tube solutions in the automotive, hydraulics, energy, construction and shipbuilding industries here.


In Southern Europe we are producing protoypes and spare parts for our tools with 3D printing. That’s a good example of how we respond faster and more effectively to our customer’s needs. First, the Burgos plant used such a printer, followed by the plants in Vigo, Palmela and Valencia: BENTELER continuously improves production by using innovative technologies.