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Structures Product Group

In today's automotive engineering, safety and reduced vehicle weight are ranked rigth up with comfort in priority. Structural components bear weight and increase vehicle safety. The Structures Product Group of BENTELER Automotive is a partner in total vehicle competence and the understanding of systems: from material development to component design and simulation to parts assembly in the vehicle. The product portfolio includes structural components, active and passive crash management systems, cockpit crossmembers, welded assemblies for the bodyshell, and carrier systems for energy accumulators for electrically powered vehicles. We concentrate on lightweight construction and cost-efficiency, and we offer our customers new options for the sustainable design of their vehicles.

Lightweight construction – the right combination of materials is what counts

Limited natural resources and adherence to CO2 limit values dictate the cycles of the global automotive industry and demand solutions for lighter and more economical cars. Weight reduction is one of the most important ways of cutting fuel consumption in vehicles. Reducing the weight by about 100 kilograms results in fuel savings of more than 0.3 liter per 100 kilometers.  In the area of weight reduction the Structures Product Group makes use of its huge expertise in the use of lightweight materials – in steel, aluminum, and hybrid lightweight construction.

Steel, aluminum, and hybrid lightweight construction

Our development and use of high-strength and ultra-high-performance steels combined with manufacturing methods such as hot forming and profiling allows us to offer our customers individual customized products. Hot forming comprises the use of tailored rolled blanks (TRB) and partial tempering. The TRB process exploits weight-saving potential by varying the wall thicknesses of the component. Partial tempering, a patented technology of BENTELER Automotive, creates different strengths in a component by means of a spatially limited tempering process, which in turn positively influences the component’s crash characteristics.

In contrast to steel, aluminum offers additional lightweight construction potential because of its lower density and the cost-effective possibility of producing more complex geometries, for example through a combination of extrusion and subsequent forming processes.

In the field of hybrid lightweight construction, the right material combination and suitable connection technology are the keys to success. By compounding aluminum, steel, and fiber-reinforced plastics, we develop components such as bumpers (steel-aluminum hybrid) or B-pillars (steel-fiber hybrid) according to our customers’ requirements for use in their automotive body concept.

Our strengths:

  • The Structures Product Group is a full-service partner for product development and implementation.
  • Many years of competence in forming and manufacturing processes.
  • Pioneer in the field of steel, aluminum, and hybrid lightweight construction.