Facts and figures

Do you think figures speak more than words?
If so, here are the key figures for our company:


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We also have some interesting facts and figures for you regarding employee training and sustainability:

80% of the management personnel of Benteler Automotive in the regional business centers in Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, the US, China and Brazil are drawn from the country concerned.

Benteler offers specific trainings in order to promote a uniform understanding of compliance across the Group. By December 2016 around 9,000 employees had taken part in internal anti-corruption training by means of e-learning. This figure also includes managers and all members of the Executive Board.

Solutions from BENTELER Steel/Tube enable, for example, chassis springs of solid material to be replaced with tube springs. That reduces the weight of our customers´ components and saves around 40 percent in component weight. Result: Our customers are happy and so, too, is the environment.

Only four percent of the total waste from the Automotive Division ended up in landfill sites in 2016. The steel and aluminum components produced by BENTELER are 100% recyclable. In addition we use 95%-recyclable packaging for delivering our products.

For more facts and figures take a look at our latest Annual Report (2017).

Further facts on sustainability themes can be found here.