Together. Nurturing talent

The employees at BENTELER are the basis of our success. And so the theme of “people” plays a critical role in our strategically work.

  • We want to ATTRACT the best TALENTS and most experienced EXPERTS. That’s why we take a lot of time choosing our employees
  • Also important to us is ensuring they have access to continuing professional DEVELOPMENT and TRAININGS. Our goal is to fill most leadership positions from within the company and in this way secure the achievement of our ambitious goals for growth
  • BENTELER as EMPLOYER stands for international chances of advancement, various development perspectives as well as equal opportunities and diversity.
      Company culture is therefore important – we work hard to create an environment in which our employees play a real role in the success of the company, through courage, performance and mutual respect. Important for us is also a well working atmosphere. To preserve this HEALTH and SAFETY AT WORK is not just a preventive measure, it is a key investment in the future of our company. For only with strong, proficient and motivated employees can we succeed in shaping our future, flexibly and therefore successfully.