Together. Saving resources

Valuable resources are needed to be able to manufacture our products. The responsibility that goes with this, in terms of careful use of those resources and protecting the environment, is taken very seriously at BENTELER. Not least in our own best interests: Because something that makes environmental sense, often also makes economic sense. And that applies in particular at BENTELER: Efficient production processes and environmental technologies for our customers protect both the environment and our business.

  • With regard to our PROCESSES and PRODUCTION we use management systems across our company to help us manage resources more efficiently and more carefully. Thus the production locations of the BENTELER Automotive and BENTELER Steel/Tube Divisions are certified to ISO 140001 for environmental management and/or ISO 50001 for energy management. Compliance with the requirements of these standards is monitored each year.
  • Through the use of sustainable technologies we help our customers to make their own products more environmentally friendly. The customers of BENTELER Automotive in particular benefit from our in-depth understanding of materials, design and processes, for example as regards lightweight components and modules. In this way we help them to constantly improve the efficiency of their products, to reduce emissions and to design the future of sustainable mobility