Together. Supporting communities

We take an active part in the communities in the locations where we have production facilities. Because as our company grows in many regions around the world, we also have a growing responsibility – for good neighborly relations and for a shared future. To help shape that future, we engage especially in projects aimed at supporting children, young people and education.

  • We create PERSPECTIVES for young socially disadvantaged people in Puebla, Mexico, and in Campinas, Brazil. In our training centers in these locations young people have been able to apply for training placements in our company; these placements last for several years.
  • We are proud that many of our employees do a lot LOCALLY and take RESPONSIBILITY. Our apprentices at BENTELER in Germany, for example, therefore regularly organize charity initiatives to support socially disadvantaged people and those in need. They also take part in an annual “Environment Day”, when they clear waste and debris from areas around the local community. At many other sites (e.g. in Brazil, USA, Spain, Turkey and many more) our employees actively support pre- and playschools, schools, and local communities.