BENTELER Electric Drive System hits the road


At the booth of our development cooperation partner Bosch, we presented our series-ready platform solution for electric vehicles to the European professional audience for the first time at the IAA 2019. The BENTELER Electric Drive System saves vehicle manufacturers several years of development and test cycles, enabling them to enter series production much faster than usual. Now we have put our Rolling Chassis on the road. In the following video we show first impressions of the test drive. 

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Automotive plant Vigo: 4.5 million rear axles produced

Paderborn/Vigo, November 13, 2019. Since 2006 we are producing rear axles for a customer in our plant in Vigo, Spain. These days, the automotive plant celebrated a very special anniversary: 4.5 million rear axles delivered.

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How we make ... aluminum compounds with a flush surface

Paderborn, November 11, 2019. We are a leading global partner for the automotive industry. We know how to form and join metals like nobody else. For example, with our innovative welding technology "SWOPtec". It allows our customers to build cost-effective, flexible and lightweight mixed structures. Our colleagues explain this technology in the video.

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