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Chassis Product Group

Naturally we do not want to sacrifice safety or vehicle dynamics on the way to ever more efficient cars. The Chassis Product Group offers a complete performance portfolio for chassis systems: from the initial idea, design and system calculation, selection of materials, and determination of the best production technology right through to implementing the first prototype and development for series production. We deliver customized solutions that include synergies with other functions such as crash elements and the integration of complete axle modules. And our customers profit from consistent high quality, even on a mass-production scale.

Efficient chassis systems – even after thousands of kilometers

We make our customers’ objectives our own. Because lightweight construction and safety are particularly close to our hearts, they play a decisive role in the design of our chassis systems. We work continually to reduce component weights: our own in-house development activities in high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels as well as hybrid constructions, with material combinations of steel, aluminum, and fiber-reinforced composites offer a broad portfolio of lightweight construction solutions. And safety is never neglecteddespite the cost savings and weight optimization BENTELER Automotive chassis systems comply with the highest safety requirements.

Mechatronics in the chassis

Our thinking is geared toward the future and we are always on the lookout for new possibilities for combining vehicle dynamics, driving enjoyment, and safety. The integration of mechatronic elements into the chassis  in the form of active and semiactive actuators gives our customers the option of switching on certain properties of the chassis systems simply by pressing a button.

Keeping the future in view

The Chassis Product Group works continually to develop its product portfolio. In the component sector we now also offer anti-roll bars and connecting elements between chassis components, so-called ball joints. This way you get complete chassis systems from one source.

Our strengths:

  • Broad product portfolio for lightweight construction solutions.
  • Consistent high quality even on a mass-production scale.
  • Complete chassis systems from one source.