A clear objective

Our claim: maximum product and service quality

We offer our customers qualitatively high-grade and technically advanced steel tube products. The core business is the sale of standard tubes and their demand-driven processing. We feel a primary obligation to our customers to deliver qualitatively faultless products with the additional assurance of product availability and delivery reliability.  

The changed competitive situation of many customers challenges BENTELER Distribution to continually adapt its range of services. We have therefore enhanced our portfolio with product- and process-aligned services such as competent consultation and taking over tasks in procurement, processing, and logistics that provide our customers with genuine added value.

BENTELER Distribution aspires to become the market leader in warehousing and processoring of steel and stainless steel tubes.

This ambitious goal...

… demands continual growth and the thorough exploitation of available market opportunities


... provides lasting advantages to all participants of the value-added chain. The steel tube manufacturers profit from expanded access to the sales markets, while the producing companies gain from improved conditions and local as well as cross-national support.