Environmental sustainability

Efficiency and environmental protection

Manufacturing our products requires the use of valuable resources. We therefore have a responsibility to conserve raw materials and to protect our environment - a responsibility we take very seriously. And not least because it is in our interests. After all, what is ecologically sound often also makes economic sense. This is especially true in BENTELER's case: Our efficient manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly technologies protect the environment and create added value for our customers and our company alike.

Added value for our customers

Our sustainable technologies and processes enable us to help our customers produce products which are more environmentally sound. Customers of BENTELER Automotive, in particular, benefit from our comprehensive material, design and process-related expertise – a product of which, for example, are the company’s lightweight components and modules. Our efforts in this respect enable us to help our customers continually improve the efficiency of their products, reduce emissions and shape the future of sustainable mobility – in the e-mobility sector, for instance. To find out more about the future of automotive industry please visit our Automotive Website.

Certifiably sustainable

Moreover, our company-wide management systems enable us to work more sparingly with the resources we use. All the manufacturing locations of our two largest divisions, BENTELER Automotive and BENTELER Steel/Tube, are certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001 and/or the energy management standard ISO 50001. Our compliance with these extensive standards is assessed annually.

Quick Facts

  • High level of material, design and process-related expertise delivers efficient products
  • Lightweight construction expertise – for less weight and lower emissions
  • A forward-thinking partner when it comes to e-mobility
  • We help our customers continually increase the efficiency of their products
  • Efficient manufacturing processes – certified throughout the world
  • Continual optimisation of our manufacturing processes (e.g. through utilising waste heat, LED lighting, etc.)

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