Our solutions

BENTELER develops solutions that make the difference. Often they are invisible in everyday life - and yet always indispensable. Please learn here where our products and services are used.

Factory employee with exoskeleton lifting steel

Working with moon gravity

In our automotive plants, we are testing two exoskeletons since 2018. What this is? An exoskeleton is a support structure that assists our factory employees in lifting activities. For the wearer this creates the impression of a lower gravity – as if they lift less weight. According to our employees, that resembles to the conditions on the moon. This is how we sustain the health of our colleagues.

car key with leaf as key pendant

We make cars lighter

Solutions from BENTELER Steel/Tube offer significant weight savings in components for our customers. For example, chassis springs of solid material can be replaced with tube springs which are up to 35 percent lighter. Also, tubes with variable internal diameters can bring further component weight savings of 15 percent. Result: Reduced environmental impact.

“Nǐ hǎo“ from Chongqing

At the end of 2018, we opened our 15th plant in China. The new plant in Chongqing covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters, about the size of six soccer fields. At our new plant in Chongqing, we are for example developing future mobility concepts for our customers and partners. This will strengthen our position in the most important growth market for the automotive industry.

BENTELER Electric Drive System 2.0

Asking tomorrow´s questions today – that´s a good strategy. Even better is to get the answers now. One of our answers to the megatrend of e-mobility is the new BENTELER Electric Drive System 2.0. It is a series-ready platform solution for battery electric vehicles which saves our customers several years of development time and supports the growth of their business.

picture of a windpark with blue sky

The BENTELER Automotive plant at Kleinenberg, Germany, draws electricity from the local windpark Asseln in Lichtenau. As a result, the plant has improved its C02 balance and is using less resources. In addition, thanks to extensive modification work, this plant will ultimately be able to draw 50 percent of its electricity from wind power. That is equivalent to the amount of electricity needed to supply 2,000 households for one year.

On April 2018, we opened our fifth automotive plant in the Czech Republic. With this new plant in Klášterec nad Ohří BENTELER created over 300 new jobs. Through the proximity to our customers, BENTELER is further strengthening its position as a global systems solutions supplier in the growth market of Eastern Europe.

Experiencing Industry 4.0: This is a vital part of our apprenticeships. For this purpose, our instructors and apprentices have developed and built an Industry 4.0 training factory together and have recorded a video explaining the concept. This allows our apprentices to remain firmly on the leading edge of technology.

picture of a red combine harvester

Did you know? BENTELER is market leader in Europe for seamless tubes for hydraulic systems. Almost half of all hydraulic lines in cranes, diggers, combine harvesters and trucks is “made by BENTELER”. HPL 500 is our new, high-performance tube for hydraulic systems. Made from extremely durable material, this product reliably withstands very high pressures.

For us business success is directly linked to our responsibility towards the environment. For example, each year tubes made by BENTELER deliver 200 megawatts of solar energy. These tubes are in operation at our customer Rioglass, world market leader in the field of concentrated solar energy. We delivered around 100,000 special tubes to Rioglass for its African power plants.

A group of BENTELER employees in front of the training center

Over 70 candidates have so far completed our training program for disadvantaged young people in Brazil. With a special training program we are supporting young people who have limited school education. This multi-year program gives them a chance to make a successful start in the world of work.

Glass for windscreens, for high-tech architecture or for the shower in your bathroom – our systems process glass panes for all kinds of applications. From small formats to room size. As a solutions-provider in glass processing, BENTELER has implemented over 3,000 exciting projects for customers in 55 countries. Always tuned precisely to individual needs.

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