BENTELER makes it happen

The solutions created by BENTELER are often invisible but always essential. Whether they are in solar farms in Africa or in countless makes of car worldwide: BENTELER makes it happen.


By rain, sun, wind or snow: The regional train to the island of Sylt departs in any weather. The engine that pulls this train was among the first 200 diesel locomotives in Germany to be fitted with corrosion-resistant Zistaplex® tubes from BENTELER.

Heat for houses, electricity for industry: Without energy there would be no life. In the US supplies are secured, from North Dakota to South Texas – with the aid of oil and gas tubes manufactured by BENTELER in the US.

In 2017 a new glass extension was opened at the House of European History in Brussels. Our Business Unit Glass Processing Equipment played its part in making this kind of breathtaking design possible. The 14-meter high panes of glass were processed by glass manufacturer sedak using machines from BENTELER.

A red Tiggo 7 car

Driving should be fun. But it also has to be safe. That's why leading vehicle manufacturers use products from BENTELER. Chery is just one example – the rapidly rising star in the Chinese export market. Key areas on the body of the Tiggo 7 contain high-strength hot-formed steel from BENTELER.

At BENTELER we don´t like rust. Our Zista Seal therefore is a special seal that protects tubes from corrosion. And it does it in an eco-friendly way, entirely without chrome VI. Here´s more on our tube technologies.

A yellow offshore platform

According to an ancient Chinese proverb: “When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills.” And some build wind turbines on the open seas. BENTELER delivered 250 tons of steel tubes for the offshore heavy-duty cranes needed to position these turbines.

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