Sewing team for mouth-nose-protections in Rumburk

Creative solution of our team in Rumburk, Czech Republic, to meet the shortage of mouth-nose-protections: a specially assembled sewing team produces them on site itself.

To contain the Corona-virus, wearing a mouth-nose-protection in public has been compulsory in the Czech Republic. But those masks are scarce goods. Our plant in Rumburk, Czech Republic, is now providing an unusual and creative solution: our colleagues formed a dedicated sewing team, brought their own sewing machines and converted meeting room A into a sewing workshop. Since April 6, they produce about 260 pieces of mouth-nose-protections from colourful fabrics per day.

Lukáš Jedlička, Operations Manager Welding in Rumburk, and Regina Tébrová, HR Manager in Rumburk, had the difficult task of procuring the required materials. Cotton fabrics and retaining rubbers are currently only available on the market in limited quantities. They successfully mastered the task. And so now the sewing machines are rattling!

The mouth-nose-protections made by the team will be distributed to all colleagues in Rumburk when production starts again. Some of them will also be made available to the sister plant in Klášterec nad Ohří.

Many thanks to the team in Rumburk for their initiative! Another example that every contribution counts.


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