Light + stiff: Our new steel makes cars environmentally friendlier and safer

Next generation high-strength steels are increasingly being used in modern automotive engineering. They are more deformable and help save weight. Such as BTR2000 – a development by BENTELER’s metal processing experts. Read about the numerous advantages of the steel in an article published by the trade magazine Stahl + Technik:

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Publication details

Title: Lighter, stronger, more ductile: Modern steels offer a range of benefits for automotive manufacturers

Authors:  Dr.-Ing. Martin Holzweissig, Project Leader Materials Development, BENTELER Automotive, Paderborn; Serge Reitz, Coordinating Project Engineer, BENTELER Automotive, Paderborn; Dr. Andreas Frehn, BENTELER

This article was published on September 22, 2020 in STAHL + TECHNIK, issue 8/2020.

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