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Intelligent solutions for an automotive world

As a reliable partner to the automotive industry, our products and solutions aim to tackle the central key topics of the future: safety, environment, and efficiency.

Safety in all vehicle classes, the reduction of emissions, and cost-efficiency are the focus of our work. We believe that these topics are not isolated from each other. Instead, we see them in their entirety, and seek an optimal solution to all aspects in dialogue with our customers.

We specialize in:

  • Innovation management

  • Investigating, testing, and implementing new processes and products

Safety, environment, and efficiency

The discussion about global climate protection presents real challenges for today’s automotive industry: vehicles must be built ever lighter to keep their environmental impact as small as possible. But lightness must not be accompanied by any loss of safety or comfort. Our solutions in the fields of lightweight construction and engine management satisfy these requirements with lower weight and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, we do justice to the increasing safety demands on the vehicle by developing and processing ultra-high-strength components. Our innovative technologies, efficient manufacturing processes with just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery, and our lean, standardized processes contribute to the business success of our customers everywhere in the world today.

Research and development – the foundation of our success

New products, materials, and technologies are the aim of our intensive research and development always with the focus on offering our customers additional value. The key ideas here are outstanding product characteristics, excellent quality, the latest technology, optimal cost-effectiveness, and the conservation of resources.

The BENTELER innovation engine

The objective of our work is to strengthen our competitive position and enhance our product portfolio. We aim always to think one step ahead and pick up on future trends. The protection of the environment as well as safety and comfort in the vehicle are at the center of our efforts. With our innovations in the fields of safety, environmentm, and efficiency we adopt the future trends of the sector and strengthen our competitive position. Following the successful implementation of products such as high-pressure injection lines and rollover protection systems, we are now focusing on research fields such as thermal management, active crash systems, and mechatronics.

Key research topics in the material development field include new materials for lightweight construction such as fiber-reinforced composites and high-strength steels and aluminum alloys. New forming technologies for increased component performance, joining technology for hybrid structures, and new surface coating methods to protect ultra-high-strength steels from corrosion round out our research portfolio.