Financial reporting


2018 financial year:
record revenues and strategic adjustment


2018 was a year full of challenges – which BENTELER robustly mastered. Despite turbulences in the global economy and within the sector, the BENTELER Group generated revenues of €8.072 billion which is the highest level of revenues in the company’s history. Growth outpaced the market. The excellent order-book situation – and the strong growth associated with this – gave rise to costs above plan. Added to this were external factors such as the trade conflict between the US and China which started with punitive tariffs, and the introduction of the testing procedure for exhaust emissions, WLTP. In combination this led to an EBIT of €119.3 million. The result of operating activities was thus €66 million below that of 2017 (adjusted for a special effect from a land sale).

The BENTELER Group generated a consolidated net profit of €31.2 million in the 2018 financial year. Total assets rose slightly, liquid assets remained at a high level, and the equity ratio was slightly above that of the previous year. As such the financing structure remains solid.

At the same time BENTELER made use of the year to adjust its strategic orientation. “We are placing our focus on balanced growth and increased profitability. In future we will be concentrating even more closely on our core business. As a process specialist we offer our customers excellent products, processes and services,” explains Ralf Göttel, CEO of BENTELER International AG. “In addition, we will invest in a targeted way in selected areas that fit with our core competence – for example in the field of electromobility.”


BENTELER revenue performance since 2014

 Revenue performance

In the 2018 financial year BENTELER reported the highest level of revenues in the company’s history: the BENTELER group generated revenues of €8.072 billion.

BENTELER revenue by region

Revenue by region

Currently, BENTELER generates more than 60 percent of its revenues in Europe and about 18 percent in North America. In Asia, one of our most important growth markets, BENTELER currently generates about 10 percent of its revenues.

Outlook for 2019 and longer-term forecast


The concentration on profitable growth mentioned above will start to take effect in 2020. In 2019 the Executive Board of the BENTELER Group is again expecting a significant increase in revenues, thanks to the very good order-book situation. With the initiatives already started and the measures still in the pipeline, BENTELER is well equipped to continue to be successful: In both Divisions in 2019 an improvement in operating results is expected – and that despite the fact that economic developments around the world show no signs of entering a calmer period.

The main corporate goals of the BENTELER Group continue to be a constant, long-term increase in corporate value and maintaining financial independence. The basis for the Five-Year Plan is to increase profitability and competitiveness – whilst achieving balanced growth in all Divisions.

“Again in 2019 we are looking forward to developing solutions that make the difference for our customers,” said Ralf Göttel.