Sustainability reporting

The Benteler Group, with its Automotive and Steel/Tube Divisions, is synonymous with leading-edge competence in material, manufacturing and technology. We have striven for 140 years to combine business success with social engagement, employee development, social responsibility and environmental awareness. With innovative products and processes we develop our business continuously and thereby create added value for our customers – in harmony with mankind and the environment.

How we do that, is set out in our sustainability publications:

Here's an extract for you:

The Automotive Division reduced the rate of occupational accidents in the previous year to 2.8 per million working hours (2018: 4.8). How did we achieve this particularly low accident frequency rate? We have consistently learned from our experience, prepared detailed accident analyses and regularly assessed the accident situation at all relevant management levels. In addition, we introduced the Walk-Observe-Communicate (WOC) system, which values safety-conscious behavior: participating employees "go there, look and communicate their observation".

Our Dinslaken location relies on a completely new con­cept to further reduce energy and resource consump­tion. The old metal halide lamps in the factory halls were replaced by energy-saving LED lights from Deutsche Lichtmiete. The project partner offers a so-called “Light as a Service” package, whereby BENTELER “rents” the LED lighting. In this way, the conversion could be carried out earlier, which not only reduces costs, but also energy consumption and thus emissions.

The steelworks of our Steel/Tube division in Lingen basically works with an electric arc furnace. This reduces direct CO2 emissions by around 95% compared to production in a conventional blast furnace. Additionally, our electric steelworks only processes steel scrap and thus makes a significant contribution to the circular economy.

The lighter the vehicles are, the less energy is needed to move them. Higher strength materials reduce the component weight. BENTELER has therefore developed and qualified the new hot-formed steel BTR2000, which is even stronger. It offers the potential of around 15% lighter construction com­pared to conventional hot-formed grades.

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