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Tradition and history

With pioneering spirit, courage and a drive to move forward – BENTELER has developed from a small ironmonger's shop to a global company in about 140-years of success.

1876 - 1930

1876: Carl Benteler opens an ironmongery shop in Bielefeld, Germany.

1908: His son, Eduard Benteler, takes over the business.

1916: Eduard Benteler purchases his first engineering works.

1918: First production of drawn tubes starts.

1922: Founding of the BENTELER-Werke Aktiengesellschaft.

1923: Start of manufacturing of seamless and welded tubes in Paderborn and Schloss Neuhaus, Germany.

1930: The Company sets up a department for the fabrication of masts and poles for lamp posts.

1931 - 1950

1935: First order from the automotive industry: BENTELER delivers exhaust pipes for the Ford Eifel.

1942: Erich Benteler takes over the management of the Company with a workforce of 2,000.

1945 - 1950: Rebuilding of manufacturing facilities by brothers Erich and Helmut Benteler: railway, bicycle and automotive industry / textile finishing, plastic and glass processing machines.

1950: BENTELER produces refrigerators under the brand name "Delta".

1951 - 1980

1951: The Paderwerk plant is set up in Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus for the production of seamless hot-rolled tubes.

1952: Production of the small car "Champion" in Paderborn-Moenkeloh. A total of 2,000 cars were produced.

1955: First steel is cast in Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus.

1957: Founding of the first Roehren- und Stahllager (today BENTELER Distribution) in Berlin, Germany.

1958/59: Introduction of the vacuum continuous casting process at the Paderwerk.

1974: Modern electric steel mill commences operation in Lingen/Ems, Germany.

1976: BENTELER celebrates its 100th anniversary with more than 9,000 employees in Germany.

1977: First production of axles in the Paderborn-Talle plant.

1980: First metal forming production facilities in the USA – beginning of the international extension of company sites.

1981 - 2000

1987: First Automotive plant is set up in Spain.

1991: Hubertus Benteler becomes Chairman of the Executive Board and assumes the management of the Company.

1991: Specialization in prefinished components for the automotive industry and just-in-time supply to the automakers.

1992 - 1997: With new plants in Mexico, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, and Argentina, Benteler Automotive expands its worldwide presence intensively.

1999: BENTELER becomes a management holding company with legally independent business divisions.

2001 - 2009

2001: The BENTELER-Group celebrates its 125th anniversary with 17,000 employees worldwide – one of the 100 largest industrial companies in Germany.  

2007: BENTELER Steel/Tube buys the Rothrist Group. The Swiss company manufactures welded precision steel tubes mainly used in the automotive industry.

2008: BENTELER Distribution establishes locations in Eastern Europe and founds local companies in Romania, Croatia, and Ukraine.

2008: BENTELER's Rohrspatzen Day Care Center opens at the BENTELER's largest site in Paderborn, Germany.

2008: Founding of the BENTELER-SGL GmbH & Co. KG joint venture in Paderborn, Germany. The project between the SGL Group and BENTELER Automotive will develop, make and market components based on carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the automotive industry.

2009: BENTELER-SGL GmbH & Co. KG acquires Fischer Composite Technologie GmbH in Ried im Innkreis, Austria. The aim is to expand expertise in composite components for the automotive industry.

2010 - today

2010: BENTELER Automotive purchases the Automotive Structures business of the Norwegian company Norsk Hydro ASA. The business unit manufactures aluminum components for the automotive industry.

2010: BENTELER Automotive takes over a pressing plant in Puebla, Mexico, which is now doing business under the name BENTELER Puebla Stamping.

2010: The former engineering companies PDE Automotive, Incon Automotive and Fasitet PDE are unified and now operate under the name BENTELER Engineering Services.

2010: Effective July 1, 2010, the newly founded BENTELER International AG, with headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, supplements the structure of the BENTELER-Group. The strategic management functions of the corporation are now concentrated in this holding company.

2011: Set-up of new plants in China and Turkey and the expansion of existing plants in Russia, India and South Africa.

2011: At the end of February a large-scale fire broke out at the hot rolling mill of BENTELER Steel/Tube in Dinslaken, Germany. Due to expensive damage, production had to be stopped for several months.

2011: Most of all purchasing activities of the BENTELER-Group are centralized in an independent corporation, the BENTELER Global Procurement GmbH, located in Paderborn. 

2012: BENTELER Automobiltechnik GmbH takes over the Norwegian company Farsund Aluminium Casting AS (FAC). FAC is a supplier of aluminum low-pressure die castings for the automotive industry.

2016: The BENTELER-Group employs 30,000 persons at 161 locations in 40 countries.