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Autonomous movers are the solution for the future of public transportation, meeting the mobility problems of ongoing urbanization and local emissions.
BENTELER EV Systems has transferred its expertise in automotive module and platform technology to the development of autonomous movers and now offers platform solutions for autonomous movers with unrivaled comfort and safety technology.
The technical challenges for people movers are completely different to passenger cars because they have to function around the clock and offer a high degree of robustness. The transportation of people standing or sitting in all directions calls for a high level of chassis comfort. Weight management for optimized load capacity and cost efficiency are key to profitable deployment.

BENTELER EV Systems provides first class engineering and excellent global manufacturing for the e-mobility of the future.

  • Fully flexible integral body solutions designed for different mover applications
  • Cabin structure provides excellent crash management
  • Battery pack module offers fast charging and long life
  • Enables autonomous driving
  • BENTELER offers full integration

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“The trend towards electric vehicles is rapidly gaining momentum. Automotive manufacturers must become faster and more efficient in their production. And, in addition, new market players need extensive expertise. As a global tier 1 supplier, we have the technological know-how, decades of experience and a resilient partner network to bring your products to market fast, reliably and in highest quality."

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