Ergonomically better – BENTELER tests eye-tracking in the office life

Paderborn/Stuttgart, February 26, 2018. An office worker moves the computer mouse approximately five kilometers each day. For some employees of BENTELER Automotive, this will soon be in the past – from now on, they will control the mouse with their eyes. In a first pilot project together with the Munich start-up 4tiitoo, BENTELER has integrated the start-up's eye tracking platform NUIA in selected applications. The system detects the eye movements of the user, making the daily work much easier: The mouse automatically jumps to the right position. Selecting buttons, scrolling or switching between programs with nothing but a glance – all of this is possible.

"Our employees have confirmed that this has reduced their workload significantly. The user's eyes already move to the right position on the screen during each step. So it is highly convenient for the cursor to simply follow them. This speeds up our standard processes. Additionally, our way of working becomes more ergonomic," explains Oliver Lang, CTO BENTELER Automotive. BENTELER offers start-ups the expertise of a global company, giving them ideal conditions to test and develop new ideas. In return, BENTELER saves time and money by having external companies implement some of the development steps.

"In this pilot phase, we adapted NUIA to the specific work sequences in SAP applications of the Finance department and in the Patent section of BENTELER Automotive," says Stephan Odörfer, CTO of 4tiitoo GmbH. "The next step will be the integration of CAD work stations and the identification of other possible applications together with BENTELER."

Since 2017, BENTELER has been a partner of the innovation platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN. The aim of this partnership is to promote and strengthen the company’s culture of innovation. Thereby, BENTELER makes solutions happen for their employees, customers and the society.