BENTELER Distribution: central warehouse with Europe’s largest high-bay rack for tubes opened in Duisburg

Düsseldorf/Duisburg, October 1, 2015: BENTELER Distribution Germany has built a modern central warehouse in Duisburg with Europe’s largest high-bay rack for tubes. On over 35,000 square metres of storage space, the storage capacities of the Duisburg location are bundled here and the logistics improved, in order to serve the customers even better. On October 1, the official opening took place.

The new building is located in the direct proximity of the existing location of BENTELER Distribution Germany in Duisburg. The heart of the new warehouse is a fully automated high-bay rack, which, with a height of 25 metres and 10,000 storage cassettes, is Europe’s largest high-bay rack for the storage of tubes. With this, the company has more than doubled its storage capacity at the Duisburg location.

“In future, we will account for a stock of 27,000 tonnes of tubes here - from precision to hot-finished steel tubes to stainless steel tubes. As a specialist in the field of warehousing and processing, we make sure that we meet the customer requirements availability, flexibility and quality,” says Oliver Rechtsprecher, Managing Director of BENTELER Distribution Deutschland GmbH und Co. KG.

In the central warehouse, up to 27,000 tonnes of tubes will be stored and retrieved here as required in future at the push of a button. New overhead cranes allow the employees quick and easy processing of orders. With the aid of the overhead cranes, they unload the trucks and then fill the cassettes at the storage station. At the push of a button, the cassettes are automatically stored in the high-bay warehouse. Two computer-controlled storage and retrieval machines are connected via an interface to the ERP system. Depending on the order, they move the shelf down and take the right tube from the respective cassette. Then the tubes are prepared for dispatch. Once they are well packaged, they are loaded onto the trucks by the staff and brought safely and punctually to the customer.

With the property in Duisburg harbour and the expandable premises, the company has found ideal conditions for the new central warehouse in Duisburg.

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