Somos una familia global de profesionales formada por 30.000 empleados apasionados por lo que hacen, en casi 40 países. Conoce a algunos de ellos haciendo clic en nuestro mapa interactivo del mundo. También encontrará más información sobre nuestras casi 150 ubicaciones en todo el mundo.

Presencia Global

Con casi 150 ubicaciones en unos 40 países, BENTELER está siempre al lado de sus socios comerciales. No sólo en términos de proximidad física, sino también estratégica: BENTELER apoya a sus socios desde la idea del producto hasta la producción en serie. Con muchos años de experiencia, somos expertos en nuestras Divisiones de Negocio , y tenemos el firme compromiso de desarrollar la solución ideal.

  En resumen: Estamos donde usted nos necesita.

Oportunidades de una carrera prfesional con proyección Global

Queremos continuar con nuestra historia de éxito, por lo que siempre estamos buscando nuevos talentos. ¿Qué podemos ofrecer como empleador? En primer lugar: Nos centramos en las personas y sus necesidades individuales, en los diferentes momentos de sus vidas.

Promoviendo el talento, desarrollando carreras, oportunidades internacionales, opciones de carrera profesional - BENTELER tiene una respuesta individual a cada una de estas necesidades. Las oportunidades en todo el Grupo son tan variadas y diversas como las personas que acuden a nosotros.

Usted también podría estar disfrutando pronto de una carrera internacional en BENTELER. Escuchen lo que nuestro compañero Nohad Ghosseini nos cuenta.

Somos tu #globalpartner

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A family-owned company. One world. Your global partner. BENTELER. The global family of driven professionals. Since 1876.

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Already one in ten battery trays for electric cars around the world comes from BENTELER. In Europe that figure is one in two. And electric cars are booming. To ensure that in future, too, there are enough battery trays for all, we are already expanding our production in Germany – and we are starting the fourth series production for a leading automobile manufacturer.

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We have 12 locations in China, and are represented in almost all provinces. But we are continuing to expand there – most recently, for example, in Chongqing. We are your global partner, including in China.

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Europe´s biggest high-rack storage facility. Short, flexible delivery times. Global availability. BENTELER is one of the world´s most sought-after distributors of steel tubes.

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Sights to see in South Africa:

Unique fauna – in the Kruger National Park.
Unique landscape – the Table Mountain.
Unique hot forming line in Africa – in the BENTELER plant in Port Elizabeth.

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Heat for houses, electricity for industry: Without energy there would be no life. In the US we are keeping supplies going – with the help of special tubes for the OCTG market, made by BENTELER in the US, in Louisiana.

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In Mexico birthdays are traditionally celebrated with mariachi music. How do we know this? Because we have been manufacturing here for 25 years. Feliz cumpleaños BENTELER Puebla.

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Eight water slides with a total length of one kilometer: Fantastic fun for all at the “Säntispark” Water Park in the Swiss town of Abtwil. Kindlimann, BENTELER´s subsidiary in Switzerland, delivered 2,000 meters of heating and cooling pipes – just-in-time – for this fun experience.

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Why stay in one place when you can explore the whole world? Our International Trainee Program takes you around the globe.

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Do you speak Chinese? So do we. After all, we have been active there for more than 15 years.

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The House of European History in Brussels , the UN offices in Geneva – architectural masterpieces with giant glass facades. These unusually large panes of glass were produced on machines from BENTELER Glass Processing Equipment.

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Did you know that at Spartanburg in the US:

  • the average annual temperature is 15.9° C?
  • the racing driver Rex White was born here in 1929?
  • BENTELER´s biggest modules plant in the world is here?

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Whether digitalization, Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things - BENTELER IT experts lead the company's digital transformation worldwide. They define the standards, implement solutions and realize processes for the entire BENTELER Group.

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Before windmills on the open sea can do their job of generating energy, they first have to be erected there. The offshore heavy-duty cranes that put them in place are subject to extreme conditions. BENTELER delivered 250 tons of specially made steel tubes for the construction of these lattice boom cranes.

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"Research & Development" has many faces at BENTELER. Because we develop our products, materials and processes in places where our customers need us. Our Steel/Tube Division has R&D departments in Germany, the US and Switzerland.

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In April 2018 BENTELER Automotive opened its fifth plant in the Czech Republic. With this new plant in Klášterec nad Ohří BENTELER created over 300 new jobs. Through the proximity to our customers, BENTELER is further strengthening its position as a global systems solutions supplier in the growth market of Eastern Europe.

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4 continents in 22 days. 300 trained colleagues and 0 cups of coffee. Our colleague Stephanie Engel travelled the globe to present the new intranet around the world. It connects our global family of driven professionals. At any moment.

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Cars are everywhere around the world. So are we: With our 70 plants, we deliver to the most important car manufacturers around the globe. BENTELER, the global family of driven professionals.

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Yesterday: VHS, landline, vehicles without catalyzers. Today: UltraHD, smartphones, electric cars. In the past 30 years much has changed. With us, too. We have continuously invested and in the region around Burgos, Spain, we are now the biggest company and one of the most important employers.

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What does investment look like in the 142-year history of an international company? Good, we think: Our hot rolling mill in Shreveport, Louisiana, is one of the most important suppliers to the US-American oil and gas industry.

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Did you know that in India there are more than 226 million cows? And did you know that in India annual car production has already reached 4.78 million? How do we know this? Because one of our 144 locations worldwide is in Chennai, India.

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Smörgås is a type of open sandwich in Sweden. Renar is the Swedish word for reindeers. And in Sweden, BENTELER goes under the name of Heléns. Our subsidiary in Sweden celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2017. It is Sweden´s leading supplier of steel tubes.

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Whether it´s a quick business trip or a long international assignment – the experts in our Global Mobility Team ensure everything runs smoothly for our colleagues worldwide. They also advise on all matters concerned with a global career.

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You don´t know what a pony pack is? Don´t worry, we do. Because we have been producing pony packs in Brazil for a quarter of a century. Congratulations to our Brazilian team on its 25th birthday!

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(A pony pack is a complete engine-transmission unit.)


BENTELER helps save lives. For example, through the manufacture of tubes for airbags. But that's not all: Together with our customers, we develop individual solutions for complete airbag cartridges.

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For our customers we adapt to regional customs and deliver our global expertise on location. Wherever we are. Like in Coventry, England, and at 143 other locations worldwide.

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