Hechos y Cifras

Do you think figures speak more than words? If so, here are the key figures for our company:


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También tenemos algunos datos y cifras interesantes sobre la formación de los empleados y la sostenibilidad:

BENTELER Automotive has a global network of internal trainers for different themes such as finance, logistics, project management, quality and information technology. We believe it is important to identify and promote the individual strengths of our employees – and so we offer tailor-made courses so that employees and managers at all levels can develop their potential to the full.

BENTELER is creating jobs with a future: We offer our employees many ways to improve their skills and develop their careers. In Paderborn, for example, we have our own education and training center. In Dinslaken we have invested around €1 million in building a new 900 m2 training center. And for over 15 years BENTELER has been offering students in Paderborn the chance to both study and learn on the job, in a combined studies program.

Solutions from BENTELER Steel/Tube offer significant weight savings in components for our customers. For example, chassis springs of solid material can be replaced with tube springs which are up to 35 percent lighter. Also, tubes with variable internal diameters can bring further component weight savings of 15 percent. Result: Reduced environmental impact.

Only around five percent of the total waste from the Automotive Division goes to landfill. The electro-steel plant at Lingen in the Steel/Tube Division recycles as much as 100 percent, because it processes only scrap steel – and re-uses discontinued steel products in the production process.

Para conocer más datos y cifras, consulte nuestro último Informe Anual (2018).

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