Together against Covid-19: Creating awareness of hygiene rules

The pandemic still has a tight grip on the world. But the desire for a return to normality often means we forget the essential hygiene rules. Which is why, at BENTELER, we’re reminding ourselves what each individual can do to contain the virus.

In a global internal communication campaign, we’re reminding employees how they can contribute to containing the spread of the coronavirus. The material has been implemented at 75 locations, in 24 countries and in 13 languages. Birgit Held, Vice President Corporate Communications / Marketing at BENTELER, explains: “The aim of our campaign is to remind employees, suppliers and visitors to our locations around the world about the hygiene measures and to protect their health using emotional statements and pictures. In doing so, we secure our production and customer service in the best possible way."

We care and share: We’re sharing our communication material at no charge

Because raising awareness of the coronavirus hygiene rules is important, we’re giving our campaign to anyone who wants to fight the virus with us. Because "We care and share!"

Getting it all right

All designs can be downloaded here in different formats free of charge. Either as InDesign or as PDF files. We’ve already removed our logo for these downloads. That leaves space for your own company logo. The background color etc. can also be easily and quickly adapted to your needs if necessary.


The texts and designs we provide you are license-free. You must purchase the usage rights for the photos yourself directly from the stock agency or replace it with license-free material of your choice (see links under the designs). That way copyrights are respected. And everything is all right.

Even though it’s is not a prerequisite for using our communication campaign, we would be happy for you to link to our webpage. Perhaps you also have some pictures of your implementation that you’d like to send us?