Ukraine War: Great willingness to help among BENTELER employees

International solidarity for the victims of the conflict in Ukraine is great - also at BENTELER. In addition to the company's support, numerous employees are getting involved locally spontaneously and unbureaucratically.

"We are experiencing an immense willingness to help here at the company! As much as we are all concerned about this war in the heart of Europe, I am also touched by this culture of togetherness at BENTELER. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all employees who are currently so passionately committed," said Ralf Göttel, CEO of the BENTELER Group.


Specifically, BENTELER launched a company-wide donation initiative in support of the UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe at the initiative of the Executive Board. In addition to individual donations, several departments in the company have converted their coffee funds to provide financial assistance. The money will be used by the UNO Flüchtlingshilfe to provide aid such as food, clothing and medical care, among other things. Our employees in the Czech Republic can also easily donate part of their monthly salary to the 50 colleagues from Ukraine who work for BENTELER. Some of their families have been directly affected by the war.

In addition, many employees participate privately in collections for relief supplies. Our Spanish plants in Palmela, Valencia, Martorell and Vigo/Mos collected several boxes full of clothing, diapers and other materials. The Rumburk plant also provided very concrete help: After the local school had collected various relief supplies, the staff organized a van and took care of transporting the funds to the border to Ukraine.


Karin Schultz, Commercial Processing Glass Processing Equipment in Bielefeld, had the good idea to collect used safety shoes from BENTELER - and donated them to the Ukrainian Church in Bielefeld.


In addition, many colleagues are privately involved in organizing accommodations for refugees. For example, Lucie Kazdová, Team Leader HR Admin Services BENTELER Business Services: Within a few days, she offered a total of 11 people who had fled Ukraine a roof over their heads. "My husband and I had just renovated three small apartments on the outskirts of Prague. It was immediately clear to us that we had to do something to support those suffering from this war," she explains.


There are many children among the war refugees from Ukraine. In order to facilitate their integration, BENTELER is creating several places in its company daycare center "Rohrspatzen" at its headquarters in consultation with the city of Paderborn. "My employees and I are very pleased that we can contribute a small amount by caring for Ukrainian children," explains Claudia Leipe-Cyrkel, head of the facility.

One child who has already been attending the daycare center for a few weeks is Dias. The six-year-old boy has recently been staying with his family at the home of Cordt Erfling, Director Process Engineering BENTELER Automotive and a father of three. "BENTELER has been really flexible, quick and unbureaucratic in allowing Dias to join the daycare here," says Erfling. "Dias already feels very comfortable with the 'Rohrspatzen' after a very short time - a great help with integration."


Job opportunities 

In order to make a long-term contribution, BENTELER refers refugees - where appropriate - to job opportunities in the company via targeted platforms such as and Our new Shared Services Center in Trebic has already made its first hire - a new colleague from Ukraine will start there on May 1st.

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