Involvement in social projects that help children, young people and our neighbours

Involvement in local initiatives close to our locations

We involve ourselves in social welfare issues in the locations where we produce. This is because growth across many regions of the world comes with a responsibility to ensure good neighbourly relations and to care for those areas in which we operate. We therefore support numerous development projects in these areas, focussing on initiatives that benefit children, young people and education.

Employees take responsibility

We are proud of the fact that many of our employees actively involve themselves in such local projects. Our trainees, for example, regularly collect donations for the socially disadvantaged or for people facing hardship. And on World Environment Day, they come together to go out and pick up litter in the area around their location. In many other countries (e.g. Brazil, the US, Spain and Turkey) our employees offer schools, kindergartens and communities their active support, taking on renovation work, providing school materials and organising donation campaigns.

Improved career prospects through training

BENTELER also offers new prospects to young people and orphans in Puebla, Mexico, and in Campinas, Brazil. Since 2006 and 2012 respectively, we have been taking on disadvantaged young people as trainees, qualifying them via training programmes which run over several years. Many of them have gone on to enjoy successful careers in our company.

Quick Facts

  • Education and training opportunities for young people in our company
  • Donation campaigns for people in need, in the regions where we operate
  • Support for schools (material and personal support)

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