BENTELER at the Tube 2018: lighter cars, safer pedestrians, smarter tube connections

Paderborn/Salzburg, April 20, 2018. BENTELER presents itself as an innovative partner in technology at the most important global trade fair for the tube industry, the Tube in Dusseldorf, Germany, and demonstrates solutions for the automotive, energy and hydraulic industry. To top it off, BENTELER offers everything from one source: From material development through tube production to a global sales and logistics network.

Tube solutions for the future of mobility

BENTELER develops and produces tubes and component solutions made of tube for the future of mobility. They target the four key trends of the automotive industry: Light-weight construction, CO2 reduction, safety and cost efficiency. "We make our customers' components lighter, for instance by replacing solid material springs in the chassis with spring tubes. This reduces component weight by up to 40 percent," explains Christian Wiethuechter, Chief Sales and Operations Officer BENTELER Steel/Tube. The company also improves the safety of pedestrians by manufacturing special tubes and piston rods for activators under engine hoods. When a sensor registers a collision, the piston rod and tube extend, lifting the hood. This increases the distance between the hood and engine block, decreasing the risk of injury for pedestrians.

Higher car efficiency through varID® technology

To date, anti-roll bars for the chassis of cars were manufactured from solid steel rods. To reduce weight, they are now increasingly made of tubes. These are approximately 40 percent lighter, making them a crucial component of light-weight solutions in automotive construction. BENTELER's new varID® technology now makes cars even more efficient: varID® tubes are tubes with a variable internal diameter for chassis anti-roll bars. "They are ideal for the compensation of local forces in a car. A special tube drawing process, which adapts the tube wall thickness in areas subject to severe stress, makes all of this possible. This reduces weight by another 15 percent. As a result, cars are lighter, fuel consumption is lower and so is environmental impact," explains Dr. Thorsten Andres, Vice President Development BENTELER Steel/Tube.

HPL500 steel grade withstands extremely high pressure

BENTELER has developed a new, high-strength steel for hydraulic line systems, the HPL500 steel grade. It is put to good use by many industries, for instance in agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters or beet lifters. HPL500 has a particularly long service life. On the one hand, its improved mechanical properties reduce weight. On the other hand, customers get a highly efficient hydraulic system, which can withstand particularly high pressure.

PreFiS Pressfitting System – resilient tube connections, no welding required

With its new PreFiS Pressfitting System, BENTELER has developed a solution for strong tube connections that requires no welding and takes only a few seconds. The metal-to-metal press fitting seal components connecting tubes are most frequently used in fire extinguishing systems or coating lines. "In these areas, our customers work in very small spaces. Our new press tools make pressing even easier," explains Thomas Müller, Sales Manager of the PreFiS team, BENTELER Distribution.

"Our customers benefit from the global know-how of the entire BENTELER Group," says Christian Wiethuechter. "Our global network consists of 144 locations in 39 countries. We provide our international customers with solutions that make a difference. And we do it quickly, reliably, without hassle and in a high quality."