BENTELER Automotive opens electric charging point at Talle plant in Paderborn

Paderborn/Salzburg, February 2nd, 2017 - BENTELER Automotive has opened its first electric charging point for refuelling electric cars at its Talle plant in Paderborn. The charging point can be used by the company’s employees, customers and visitors. With 7 kW/h, it can charge up any hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

This charging point adds to the trend of continuing to promote electromobility. BENTELER Automotive has been developing products in the field of electromobility for a long time. As one of the first supplier companies, it currently has three international production projects on the go with battery trays for battery-operated electric vehicles. In addition, the BENTELER Automotive Research and Development team is, for example, working on thermal management products with the aim of optimising heat balance in cars, for example by cooling the power electronics, particularly in electric cars.

“We see electromobility as an opportunity, because our wide range of chassis, lightweight constructions and material expertise is still very much needed,” says Ralf Göttel, CEO BENTELER Automotive, explaining that the Paderborn-based company’s products will still be important for mobility in the future.