BENTELER Automotive celebrates opening of its 10th plant in region Asia/Pacific - Further investments planned

Shenyang/Liaoning/China, June 10 th 2016 – On June 3, BENTELER Automotive hosted an opening ceremony for its new production plant, located in Shenyang. Shenyang plant started operations this year as the 10th plant in region Asia Pacific. This investment will support the further growth of BENTELER Automotive in China. In next few years, new investments in the north, middle and south of China are part of Division’s upcoming growth plan in the region Asia/Pasific. “

An important part of our strategy is also to grow with our key customers and to support them in their worldwide expansion, and BMW is clearly one of our key customers. We are very proud of our business partnership with BMW Group, existing 34 years since 1982. Meanwhile 25 of our plants produce and deliver parts and systems to BMW Group in Europe, in NAO, in Mercosur, in Africa and today in China. This new plant here in Shenyang is an important additional step in our Strategy.” Mr. Laurent Favre, COO, BENTELER Automotive, emphasized.

BENTELER activities in Asia Pacific began 18 years ago with a Sales & Engineering office in Nagoya, Japan in 1998. Business in China began 14 years ago with a joint venture with Shanghai Huizhong Automotive Company in 2002, a business partnership that still successfully continues to expand to