Association of German Engineers VDI Ostwestfalen-Lippe honors longstanding members at BENTELER headquarters

Paderborn, 5. September 2017. A festive ceremony was organized at BENTELER in Paderborn to honor longstanding members of the district association Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) of the Association of German Engineers (VDI). The approximately 20 guests of honor gained insight into the Talle automotive plant and got to experience the BENTELER Electric Drive System, the BENTELER solution for the future of electric mobility.

"As the CEO of the board and as an engineer, it is a special concern of mine to support the activities of the VDI and continue the sponsoring membership of BENTELER, which is now in its 60th year," says Ralf Göttel, CEO BENTELER Group. "For this reason we feel honored to be allowed to host this anniversary celebration of the VDI OWL." "We value cooperation with companies like BENTELER very highly because they allow us to look beyond our own areas of expertise," Added Prof. Rainer Barnekow, Chairman, and Klaus Meyer, Deputy Chairman, both VDI OWL.

Prof. Rainer Barnekow honored the association members after a tour of the BENTELER Automotive plant at BENTELER's Talle headquarters. They received certificates and badges of honor for their many years of membership in the VDI. Nine guests of honor celebrated their 25th anniversary, seven celebrated their 40th anniversary and one was honored for 50 years of membership. Three of the guests of honor have been members of the VDI for an impressive 60 years.

With great interest, our guests listened to a presentation on the BENTELER Electric Drive System. "The BENTELER Electric Drive System is our answer to the question of mobility in the future. It offers integrated product solutions for use in electric vehicles," explained Marco Kollmeier, Vice President of the Business Unit Electro-Mobility.