BENTELER apprentices show their commitment to a cleaner environment

Paderborn/Salzburg, 06.10.2017. On the annual Apprentices' Day of the Environment, 85 BENTELER apprentices cleaned the river Lippe in Paderborn, setting an example in environment protection.

On September 21st, 2017, the long-awaited plan was finally put into action: 85 apprentices met in the Paderborn district of Schloß Neuhaus to clean the river Lippe. In addition to heaps of garbage, they also found tires, barrels and even doors. The campaign was part of a Day of the Environment celebrated annually by first-year BENTELER apprentices and dual students enrolled in combined work and study programs.

Social responsibility and environment protection are of great importance to BENTELER. This is why our company strives to promote these values early on in our apprentices' careers. Thomas Koch, Head of Training at BENTELER, explains: "To achieve long-term success we need capable, competent employees who know how to think like entrepreneurs, act independently and respond to changes with flexibility. These skills also require a willingness to broaden your horizons and dedicate yourself to a cause."

Helmut Timmermann, training supervisor at BENTELER and Day of the Environment organizer, adds: "Every single year, the Day of the Environment is an amazing experience for our apprentices. It gives us all the opportunity to show our joint social commitment and open our eyes to the environment." The annual Day of the Environment is one of many systematic workforce development campaigns organized by BENTELER. These campaigns help our company ensure early on that we can fill the increasing number of management positions we require with people trained by BENTELER.

For a closer look at the company's practical training programs, BENTELER would like to invite school and university students, parents and anyone else who may be interested to its open-house event on 2 November 11, 2017. The event will be held at the training and education center AWZ at Marienloher Straße 27 in Schloß Neuhaus from 9 am to 6 pm.