Progress and innovation

Only those who are open to the new will be able to develop the best solutions for the future.

That's why BENTELER is promoting ideas and fostering innovations, through selected think tanks, start-up platforms and research projects.

Internally, too, we are continuing to develop. Long-term only those who welcome digital change in an open, active and courageous way will be successful. We have been investing for many years in innovations management and pushing ahead with digitalization, above all in the following areas:

The simulation of systems and facilities even before construction work starts, helps identify where a new plant can be optimized.

The machines monitor their own status and request maintenance in good time. In this way production stoppages are avoided and maintenance costs minimized.

Smart glasses connect local technicians with the specialists. Which means that the specialists do not have to be on site in order to be able to assist in the repair of a machine.

The digital shift affects the entire company: People, organization and technology. How this can be used for the benefit of all is being researched by BENTELER in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute.

To ensure optimum quality for our customers, we invest in continuous data analysis of our production processes and intensify the digital integration of our plants.

All that helps not only us, but also our customers.