Supplier to BENTELER

Being a supplier to BENTELER means sustainable success. Our objective is to attain effective and long-term economic success: this is the standard by which the quality of our work is measured. Based on past achievements, we want to develop new technologies and products to realize competitive advantages and to satisfy requirements at the highest levels of quality and safety. We are convinced that company success can only be achieved with the best solutions and input from all our employees and suppliers.

Hence, BENTELER suppliers meet the following minimum standards:

  • Quality Management System certified acc. to ISO 9001 with compliance to ISO 16949
  • Commitment to the Zero-Defects Principle
  • Clear environmental standards (e.g. ISO 14001)
  • Traceability throughout the entire supply chain
  • Vast experience in automotive/steel industry
  • Cost and/or technology leaders in their respective industries
  • Full compliance with our Terms and Conditions
  • Commitment to the BENTELER Philosophy and Code of Conduct (Compliance)