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Pavel Jurkovic:

We're proud of our 27,000 driven professionals. They achieve outstanding things. With courage, ambition and respect. And not just for BENTELER but also for the community. Take Pavel Jurkovic, for example. Our Czech colleague took vacation to help out at the covid-19 ward at Liberec hospital. Thank you Pavel for your commitment!

Vanessa Cereser:

Vanessa Cereser is one of our 30,000 driven professionals. She heads our legal department for the Mercosur region. "Working with colleagues from different cultures, the global exchange of experience and the international problems – I'm excited about the diversity in my role at BENTELER."

Diego Román:

From project manager to operations manager - Diego Roman is one of our 30,000 driven professionals. He has been working in our Automotive Division for over 16 years. A varied and instructive time, in which he particularly emphasizes the great teamwork.

Our team of the BU Electro-Mobility



Second place at the global KAIZEN Award



Alineane Martins:

Lawyer in our legal department, human resources manager at the plant, compliance officer for the Americas region. That’s the career path of our Brazilian colleague Alineane Martins. "I have been very fortunate to be able to develop personally and professionally at BENTELER. It's an exciting time, for which I am very grateful."




 胡玲是受益于本特勒量身定制的培训计划中30,000名人才中的一员。作为本特勒汽车亚太区质量总监的胡玲,曾参加了内部培训计划“Talent Ciecle"和”Managers of Tomorrow"。她曾担任超过两年的长春工厂总经理。“即使在这个行业工作了20年,我仍能从本特勒这里学到很多。”胡玲说道。

Marcos Luis do Val:

From financial analyst to project manager: Marcos Luis do Val has been working for our Automotive Division in Brazil since 2000. His career has taken him through all finance departments. An exciting time in which he says he grew personally and also developed his professional skills.



我们的Puebla工厂为德国著名汽车制造商生产铝制后悬架。通过墨西哥与德国同事的通力合作才保证顺利开始生产。得益于良好的团队合作,至今我们没有收到过任何客户投诉。我们为整个团队取得成功感到骄傲— we make it happen!



Katarzyna Szamer-Kumor

Katarzyna Szamer-Kumor is one of our 30,000 driven professionals. She has been working in the automotive industry for over 16 years. And for about six months she has been running our automotive plant in Września, Poland. According to her, this is the perfect place to realize individual potential.






Our Team in Russia:

For twenty years, the engineering team at our Veliky Novgorod location supports the Automotive Division. It conducts complete calculations, evaluates simulations and produces the associated reports in the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). Through internal knowledge transfer and cooperation, we ensure the highest product quality for our customers.