Research project "MoSyS" by Fraunhofer Institute and BENTELER: Optimized processes, more efficient product development, better use of plant capacities

Paderborn/Salzburg, June 01, 2021. Under the direction of the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design, BENTELER is one of 18 partner companies working on the "MoSyS" research project. BENTELER's goal is to create more flexible production processes with workflows optimized, products developed more efficiently and plant capacities better utilized. This will enable BENTELER to respond even faster to customer requests.

BENTELER develops modular SoS based on the process chain of a twist beam axle

BENTELER's focus is on the application of a vehicle twist beam axle. The company is examining the entire process chain from customer inquiry through product and process development to production. The aim is to move away from product-based production systems. Instead, BENTELER is using digital engineering to research a modular system in which one facility can flexibly manufacture several products. For this purpose, observations and sensor data are collected and transferred to a model of a so-called System of Systems. This reduces development efforts and optimizes work processes.

"In the long term, we will achieve far greater production flexibility and higher quality with Systems of Systems," says Cordt Erfling, Director Innovation & Industry 4.0 at BENTELER: "For a company like BENTELER, which works passionately and closely with customers, this offers an important competitive advantage."

Knowledge sharing in renowned partner network

Flexible manufacturing processes like this are the future. Trends such as digitalization, artificial intelligence and agile development are shaping the way industry works. Newly emerging intelligent, digitally networked products, services and production systems must function within higher-level systems and cooperate with them. The core question for the MoSyS research project is, therefore, which new methods, aids and IT tools will be used for these technical ecosystems. The participants of the project cover all relevant areas of an SoS. This includes product, production and service development. An important aspect here is that employees and stakeholders work together across disciplines.

The MoSyS research project started in December 2020, runs over a period of three years and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with around €6.4 million. A total of 18 research and industry partners are involved in the project.

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