BENTELER Steel/Tube adds hydrogen tubes and pipes to portfolio

Paderborn/Salzburg, November 04, 2021. Intensive efforts are being made worldwide to reduce greenhouse gases: Europe plans to be CO2-neutral by 2050; Germany wants to achieve this goal as early as 2045. To achieve this, new energy sources are needed. For example, "green" hydrogen, which, because it’s produced using renewable energy, is CO2-free.

BENTELER has now added seamless, hot-rolled tubes and pipes for the safe distribution of hydrogen to its portfolio: BENTELER HYRESIST. Designed for the construction of hydrogen distribution networks, the range helps make the alternative energy source more readily available – and thus the targeted CO2 neutrality more quickly achievable.

Customized solutions for hydrogen distribution networks in industry

Green hydrogen is considered an attractive energy option in industry. As a result, the rapid expansion of nationwide distribution networks for hydrogen is pressing, both in Germany and throughout the EU. This increases the demand for suitable tube solutions: "This is where our high-quality BENTELER tubes come into play," explains Kai-Christian Zimmermann, Vice President Manufacturing Engineering at BENTELER Steel/Tube. "They make it easier for companies from industry and the mobility sector as well as energy producers to build hydrogen distribution networks tailored to their needs."

Together with steel distribution partners, BENTELER Steel/Tube is providing the BENTELER HYRESIST product family as an application-specific tube solution. "In this way, we are supporting the industry in building a hydrogen infrastructure and achieving its sustainability goals," emphasizes Christian Wiethüchter, CSO and COO at BENTELER Steel/Tube. "The expansion of our portfolio also underlines the sustainable orientation of BENTELER Steel/Tube. We have initiated a program aimed at reducing the CO2 footprint in tube production. In addition to procurement and production, the product portfolio also plays a strategic role in this," he adds.

Application-specific tube solutions fulfil high requirements

Seamless, hot-rolled BENTELER HYRESIST tubes exceed the requirements of the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) for distribution network tubes and pipes. The following criteria have to be met: hydrogen-compliant steel analysis, pressure resistance, homogeneous structure. With an outside diameter of 21.3-141.3 mm, the dimensional range of the BENTELER HYRESIST tube solution meets the current specifications for hydrogen infrastructure. Furthermore, optimized mechanical values and the high purity of the steel used prevent hydrogen embrittlement. This makes the hydrogen tubes and pipes particularly robust and durable.

BENTELER covers the entire value chain from CO2-reduced steel production in an electric steel mill to tube manufacturing. In addition to industries involved in hydrogen markets, this benefits operators of chemical and industrial parks together with energy supply companies.