Impressions from CES (Las Vegas)

Salzburg/Las Vegas, January 10, 2020. At CES, we announced to collaborate with Sony. Sony is planning to develop mobility solutions and unveiled a prototype vehicle. We are providing our partner with key components for this vehicle. In the video below you can see the prototype as well as impressions from our presence at the CES booth of our development partner Bosch.




BENTELER announces collaboration with Sony at CES 2020

Salzburg/Las Vegas, January 7, 2020. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, BENTELER today announced its collaboration with Sony. Sony is a creative entertainment company with solid foundation of technology. Sony is planning to develop mobility solutions in order to open up new business opportunities. At the show, Sony unveiled a prototype vehicle incorporating various technologies that contribute to safety, reliability, comfort and entertainment in the mobility space. BENTELER´s role is to provide key components for this vehicle.

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BENTELER Automotive breaks new ground at CES 2020

Salzburg/Las Vegas, January 2, 2020. CES is the world’s most important technology event. At CES 2020, BENTELER will present its Electric Drive System for the first time in North America, together with its development partner Bosch. With the growing trend towards electric vehicles, CES is a perfect opportunity for BENTELER to show how it can help companies open up new opportunities that e-mobility offers. Visit us at the CES on the Bosch booth from January 7th to 10th: booth 12401, Central Hall.