Better, more reliable, more environmentally friendly: Industry 4.0 in action at BENTELER

It’s been ten years since German Chancellor Angela Merkel brought mainstream attention to Industry 4.0 for the first time. On this anniversary, the global company BENTELER is providing insights into how digitalization and Big Data are modernizing production and the working environment in industry. “Digital transformation is changing our world. In the long term, only those who grasp this change openly, actively and courageously will be successful. That’s exactly what BENTELER is doing,” says Cordt Erfling, Director Process Engineering at BENTELER Automotive.

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EU-7 emissions standard: reduce emissions faster with BENTELER and Oberland Mangold

Salzburg/Paderborn, September 23, 2021. The EU 7 emissions standard for internal combustion engines is expected to come into force in 2025. This is a challenge for automotive manufacturers, as a significant reduction in pollutants is again required. BENTELER offers an attractive solution: an electrically heated catalytic converter that reduces pollutant emissions to almost zero during cold starting. Together with Oberland Mangold, the experts in metal substrates and catalyser systems, BENTELER now offers a solution that ensures the exhaust gas treatment system reaches the optimum operating temperature faster.

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BENTELER small-overlap crash solution brings more safety for vehicle occupants

Paderborn, September 8, 2021. Frontal collisions in vehicle accidents often result in serious injuries to the occupants. In future, an innovative solution from automotive supplier BENTELER will ensure greater safety in so-called small-overlap crashes. These are accidents that involve an oblique impact of only around 25% of the vehicle. Controlled release of the control arm link helps deflect the vehicle from the obstacle where they would otherwise become locked together. This reduces the force exerted on the occupants in the event of a collision.

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