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BENTELER experts speak at renowned events

When it comes to sustainability in the steel tube industry, at BENTELER, we have a lot to talk about. This week at multiple renowned events.

Christian Wiethüchter, Managing Director of BENTELER Steel/Tube, spoke in his role as Chairman of the German Steel Tube Association on "Green Transformation in Steel/Tube" at the Tube ExpertsMeeting. BENTELER has initiated a "Green Tubes" program with the goal of CO2 neutrality by 2045.

In Milan, Dr. Marcus Bistron spoke at "Steels in Cars and Trucks" on the subject of "Innovative steel tubes for lighter, safer and more sustainable cars". BENTELER Steel/Tube makes a significant contribution along the entire value chain with resource-saving production processes and innovative products.

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World Environment Day

Some people think that one person can't make a difference. We see it differently.

In addition to a global sustainability strategy, there are many small, often local measures, projects and initiatives at BENTELER. Taken together, these make a significant contribution to a better environment. Sometimes it relates to work processes, other times to the design of our sites – and sometimes it’s the engagement of individual colleagues who are committed to our planet in their work or leisure time.

And because our 25,000 driven professionals are spread around the world, this adds up to a remarkable number of contributions for the good of our planet. In celebration of #WorldEnvironmentDay, we’d like to present a selection of our global sustainability activities to you: Click in!


From trainee to assistant to the CEO: Tanja Kress is one of our 25,000 driven professionals worldwide. She’s been working in our Automotive Division in Germany for more than 20 years. For Tanja, it's been a very varied time in which shared experiences with colleagues, learning from each other and team spirit are at the forefront and give her great pleasure.

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