Mechanical Engineering

Production solutions from A to Z

From body in white to white goods: When metal needs to be formed, joined, cut, milled or punched, BENTELER Mechanical Engineering’s solutions ensure your products will be manufactured to the highest quality. Efficiently and consistently.

Our solutions range from hot-forming ovens to welding technologies, laser cutters and punching solutions to inspection cells. Plus, all you need to completely automate processes, including seamless loading, unloading and transfer. Completely tailored to your specific product and manufacturing requirements. Whether you’re producing vehicle chassis components or household appliances, you can count on our extensive design and engineering support.

Modular, versatile, efficient

Our hot-forming ovens

Developed for the efficient production of vehicle components, every aspect of our hot-forming furnaces draws on our long heritage as metalworking specialists.

Modular and flexible in design, our ovens can be tailored to your specific production requirements. The modules are pre-assembled and installed prior to delivery for quick and simple transport. As a result, once they are on site, they’re ready to go in no time. And thanks to this modularity, the ovens can be extended with relative ease at any time, should your needs change.

Suitable for boron steel and AISi coated boron steel blanks between 0.7 mm and 4 mm thick and up to 2500 mm wide, all our ovens offer excellent temperature stability and precise temperature regulation. Thanks to their IE3 drives and highest quality insulation, effective energy saving is built in as standard. And as you’d expect, there are no compromises on safety; emergency pull-wire switches and safety fencing are all part of the basic configuration.

Unlike conventional solutions, the radiant tubes or heaters are located above the rollway reducing the potential for damage and easing access for simpler maintenance. All without compromising heating efficiency. Robust bearings and drive elements are located in the ‘cold area’ for simple maintenance and longer lifetime.

Runs like clockwork

Maximizing production capacity calls for optimal cycle times. For that, everything needs to work together. Seamlessly! From robot loading and transfer, through the furnace to the press feeder and de-stacking equipment. Even down to integration of presses if required. With BENTELER’s tailored automation solutions for hot forming lines you can be sure that everything will be in perfect harmony.

Timed to perfection

With hot forming, achieving the highest quality calls for perfect timing. Designed for precise insertion and repeatability, our transfer systems synchronize movements with the press ram for optimum cycle time utilisation. Suitable for straight or ‘L’ layouts, BENTELER's feeders can be run in "feed" or "transfer" mode and are designed for loads up to 80 kg. Systems are designed to customers specific requirements to ensure optimal results and can be adapted to any hot-forming press.

Plant engineering

Safe, efficient, cost-effective – the diverse requirements of modern manufacturing systems call for sophisticated and ingenious solutions. Whether you’re producing a freezer or a hot hatchback. At BENTELER Mechanical Engineering, we supply intelligent systems and engineering services that fulfil these demands. Our offering covers all common joining and forming processes for steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastics and hybrids.

Top hole

Punching equipment

From stationary punching machines to robotic solutions, we are specialists in machines and systems for automatic punching of chassis and structural components. Engineered for accuracy together with the longest possible tool life, we design the hydraulic system as well as the complete dies and punch tools.

Programmed for perfection

Our automation solutions

From conventional manual manufacturing processes to fully automated robot production lines, we provide full-service solutions for process automation. All completely tailored to your specific product or production requirements.

True to form

Inspection cells

Our inspection portfolio includes attribute sampling and measuring cells for establishing and documenting component quality, primarily through mechanical processes. Loading can be manual or automatic depending on your requirements. All results are displayed visually and archived using our in-house developed software. The machine and process capabilities of all the measuring cells we supply are proven in accordance with the strict specifications of the automotive industry. We document the processes verifiably as well as correlating with a coordinate measuring machine.

Beamed in on accuracy

Laser cutting

Zero tool wear, 100 % consistency. Our laser cutting solutions ensure a clean, perfect cut. Every time. Highly flexible contours can be cut at high speed and with low heat impact on the material. We offer individual cutting solutions as well as our flexible, cost-effective BENTELER Laser Cell. The BENTELER Laser Cell offers precise and quick processing of contours, cut-outs and holes in chassis and structural components. With its rotary table, two workpieces can be processed reciprocally. Easy access to the components means the CNC-controlled system offers clear advantages in process time compared to conventional robot-controlled systems.

Spot on

Our welding equipment

Projection, laser, spot or arc? Whatever your needs, BENTELER Mechanical Engineering supplies complete welding solutions include feeding and positioning equipment. All under one roof. As a global to the automotive industry, our own experience in manufacturing chassis components has made us experts in arc welding. We offer single cell solutions and systems integrated into complex production lines. These can also, include incorporation of third-party system components such as washing equipment into the overall control and logistics concept. Flexible and intuitive, the BENTELER Turntable Cell (BTC) offers a particularly cost-effective welding solution. And of course, user friendly and focused on operator safety. BENTELER laser technology allows materials with a high melting temperature as well as high thermal conductivity to be welded. Reduced melt and short, controllable melting time mean it can even be used in certain cases to join materials that are otherwise impossible to weld. It is primarily used for joining components that require high welding speed, narrow and slim weld seam shape and with low thermal distortion.

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