More sustainable steel and steel tube products

In times of climate change, we need to do more. More for the climate; more for the economy; more for our common future. And that is exactly what we are doing. With CliMore®.

Doing more with fewer emissions






"With CliMore, we are setting the course for the future of green steel production. The brand unites our sustainability and quality aspirations." 

Ralph Mathis, CSO BENTELER Steel/Tube


Our common goal: reducing CO2 emissions

With our CliMore® products, we help our customers achieve their own emissions targets. By using CO2-reduced steels and steel tubes, they can effectively reduce their upstream emissions from the purchase of goods. 

In this way, together we are making an important contribution to our future and to the industries of tomorrow.

Doing more with fewer emissions — that's the future

We supply excellent steels and steel tubes for the industries of tomorrow. And we’re already doing it today. With highest quality and reliability for our customers.

Our goal is that we and future generations can also live well in the future. That's why we take responsibility and are making an important contribution to a more climate-friendly future. Together with our employees and our customers. For more sustainability in industry, business and society.

Which is why we give more every day.

CliMore®. More for the climate.






"In our electric steel mill in Lingen, we’ve been producing steel exclusively from scrap since 1974. This circular economy already generates 75% less CO2 than today's standard blast furnace route."

Thomas Michels, COO BENTELER Steel/Tube

Three product categories for even more transparency

The benefit for our customers and the environment: steel and steel tube products that come from our electric arc furnace and are based on recycled steel scrap.

Ambition and striving for improvement. With the aspiration of reducing the emissions related to our products. Currently the highest standard in BENTELER's portfolio.


Superiority, first class – the EXCELLENCE line will combine all the means available to produce the most sustainable products.

(not yet available)






"With CliMore, we are helping implement our sustainability strategy and goals: Our aim is to be CO2 neutral in our supply chain, production and products by 2045."

Dr. Tobias Braun, CFO BENTELER Steel/Tube

This is how much CO2 Climore® saves

Carbon Footprint (kg CO2 / mt)

Our path to more sustainable steel production

Sustainability strategy at BENTELER

We are reducing our emissions to zero

The BENTELER Group has long been active in a range of areas that are now recognized as aspects of sustainability or ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). As a fourth-generation family business, we have been committed to combining economic success with social responsibility, employee orientation and ecological awareness for more than 145 years.




"With our products, we help our customers achieve their ambitious CO2 targets. Our aspiration is to shape the transformation of our industry in an ecologically, socially and economically just manner. That’s why we have significantly intensified our commitment to sustainability in recent years. As a result, we have also become much more sustainable in our own production."

Ralf Göttel, BENTELER Group CEO

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