Green Tubes Strategy

Steel tubes from BENTELER will be green by 2045! Not literally, of course. But as a global group, we want to make our contribution to the green transformation of an energy-intensive industry. This requires ambitious goals and people who pursue them with passion. That's why we initiated the 'Green Tubes' program back in 2020 to reduce the carbon footprint in tube production. Procurement and production play a strategic role in this. Key measures include electricity from renewable energies, 'H2-ready' plants and CO2-neutral raw material for our welded pipes. Green tubes? We make it happen!

Our product portfolio also underlines our sustainable orientation. The most recent examples are our BENTELER HYRESIST line pipes for hydrogen, which support the development of hydrogen distribution networks.

How we go green…

We know that CO2 neutrality cannot be achieved overnight. That is why we are proceeding in stages. To achieve the goal, BENTELER Steel/Tube is aiming for CO2 neutrality in direct emissions generated in production (Scope 1) as well as indirect emissions generated through the purchase of energy (Scope 2) by 2030. Emissions on the procurement side (Scope 3) will be reduced by 30% in the first step. By 2045, BENTELER Steel/Tube also wants to become CO2-neutral on the procurement side and thus have greened the supply chain, production and products. Important measures on this path are, for example, the purchase of electricity from renewable energy sources and the use of CO2-neutral raw materials in the area of welded tubes.

Behind the scenes

How is a sustainability strategy developed? What hurdles have to be overcome? And what can one learn from it? This is what Green Tubes program manager Thomas Begemann explains in a look behind the scenes.

He also talked to the trade magazine STAHLMARKT. Over three pages, he explains why the Steel/Tube Division is already at a point where the steel industry is only just planning to go. And where we will be by 2045.

Read here the interview with Thomas Begemann, program manager "Green Tubes" in the trade magazine stahlmarkt (issue 01/2022 – GERMAN ONLY).

The ace up our sleeve: Lingen electric steel mill

We have an ace up our sleeve on the way to CO2 neutrality. Which one? Our electric steel mill in Lingen. Steel production here already generates around 75% less CO2 than steel production via the conventional blast furnace method. By using renewable energies we will further reduce the emissions values. In this process we use steel scrap to produce EAF steel. This recycling economy means that the process has significantly lower emission values, as the emissions contained in the steel scrap are already taken into account in the previous life cycle.

Environmentally friendly steel production

At our steel mill in Lingen, Germany, we’ve been producing steel in an environmentally friendly way at our steel mill in Lingen, Germany using an electric arc furnace for almost 50 years. What we do exactly is best explained by our steelworkers themselves:

Video portrait: Our steel workers

260 employees, annual capacity of 650,000 tons, high-quality steel from 100% scrap and environmentally friendly production: Andreas Stadtherr, head of the steel mill in Lingen, introduces his plant and his team.

Explanatory video: Steel production in an electric arc furnace

Metallurgist Dominic Kehl explains how environmentally friendly steel production in an electric arc furnace works – and how we meet a wide range of customer requirements. By the way, it only takes about nine hours from delivery of the scrap to shipment of the new steel – sustainably by rail, of course.