Many congratulations!

Salzburg, December 10, 2020. From Germany via China all the way to Mexico: 21 BENTELER plants have special reasons to celebrate in 2020: they are all enjoying anniversaries. And we’re celebrating with them: Because it’s the engagement of our employees that makes us one of the world’s leading metal processing specialists.

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Automated dispatch assistants at BENTELER

Paderborn/Salzburg, January 18, 2021. BENTELER is increasingly driving the digitalization of production sites as part of its own Industry 4.0 strategy. In the dispatch center at the Schloss Neuhaus site, intra-logistic operational processes are automated and made even more productive by the use of automatic guided vehicles. This automation also reduces transport damage and increases occupational safety.

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Transformation of the BENTELER Group 2020

Salzburg, December 21, 2020. The BENTELER Group has reached an agreement with all financing partners involved in the refinancing and the shareholders: The refinancing with a term until the end of 2024 was successfully signed. The requirements for legal implementation have been completely fulfilled. KfW loans will not be taken up as part of this. The banks’ and shareholders’ trust shows that we are a strong, system-relevant partner for the automotive industry. This encourages us to consistently continue with the transformation process we introduced in 2018. For our future, it means that around 30,000 employees worldwide will continue to work on new solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. At BENTELER, we’re already well positioned for this.

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