Quality in the blink of an eye

Salzburg/Paderborn, July 14, 2020. At a number of our Automotive plants, we’ve introduced optical measurement techniques. These innovative systems replace the traditional gaging systems previously used and offer multiple benefits for our customers.


The production of highest quality pressed vehicle components calls for consistent testing. Both at the start-up of a line and during series production. To ensure this, we’ve begun working with optical measurement technology at a number of our automotive plants. This uses optical scanners that precisely scan the finished part at high speed, giving repeatable accurate measurement. As well as being quicker than the previous methods, there are a number of additional benefits.


The optical scanners provide a digital record of the measurement, which can be stored for quick retrieval and comparison. By monitoring trends over time, our colleagues in the plant can see changes in the process and make changes before problems occur. By comparing the 3D scan with computer design models, maintenance engineers can identify tool wear and make the necessary adjustments or replacements. In addition, the 3D models produced by the scanners can be “reverse engineered” for use in computer-aided design applications.


A vision for the future

Thanks to these benefits, we plan to roll out optical gaging systems at more plants over the next four years. As we do this, the experience we’ve gained in plants such as Vigo (Spain), Talle (Germany), Wuhu (China) and Klasterec (Czech Republic) will be used to help optimize the deployment. For our customers this means: consistently highest quality.