BENTELER welcomes 73 new trainees

Paderborn/Salzburg, August 18, 2022. 73 young people will start their training at seven German BENTELER sites in August 2022. The trainees will start in a wide range of commercial and technical professions, from IT specialist to mechatronics technician to process technologist. Seven dual-track students will start their careers in the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and computer science.

"Turning young people into the skilled workers of tomorrow through qualified training is essential, especially when there’s a shortage of skilled workers. At BENTELER, we therefore focus on professional education and drawing the next generation from our own ranks," says Thomas Koch, head of training at BENTELER.

To offer training at the highest level, BENTELER trains the apprentices in its own training and development center at its Paderborn site. It’s equipped with an Industry 4.0 learning factory and several production robots. As a result, the training is already optimally adapted to the requirements of the digital transformation. Others are also benefiting from this: BENTELER is currently making its training and development center available to around 15 other companies from the region. The training network makes it possible to accompany as many young people as possible on their way to becoming the skilled workers of tomorrow. Plus, BENTELER offers retraining as a machine and plant operator or process technologist.

Training at BENTELER: Interdisciplinary with a focus on hard and soft skills

Thomas Koch emphasizes: "Our employees are the key to our success, now and in the future. That's why we place a great deal of importance on qualified training that is based on the latest technology and work processes. In projects, for example on Industry 4.0 and digitization, we prepare apprentices from electronics technicians to materials testers for the technical and commercial topics of the future. We are a family of 25,000, as diverse as life itself, with a wide range of talents. And that's where our greatest strength lies – in our diversity, with which we find the best solutions together."

Personal responsibility and independent learning are just as important as technical know-how. In addition to technical skills, social skills are therefore also promoted during the apprenticeship at BENTELER.

This is where the BENTELER trainees start out:

-At the Schwandorf site, the Automotive division operates a plant for the production of chassis and structural parts made of aluminum and steel, which are manufactured for various premium OEMs. Furthermore, the Schwandorf site has a center of excellence for aluminum and hydroforming as well as prototype construction for chassis and structural parts. Here the plant will welcome eight apprentices.

-At the Warburg site, the Automotive division operates a plant for the production of exhaust components, piping systems in the exhaust & engine area, and axle beams and stabilizers in the chassis area. Here the plant will welcome six apprentices.

-At the Kleinenberg site, the Automotive division operates a plant for the production of engine components and is completing the transition from component manufacturer to systems specialist. Our products include modules for exhaust gas recirculation and fuel distribution systems. In addition to parts for conventional combustion engines, the site will focus on thermal management components for hybrid and electric vehicles. Here the plant will welcome five apprentices.

-In Dinslaken, the BENTELER Steel/Tube Division operates a plant for the production of hot-rolled tubes. Here the plant will welcome six apprentices.

-In Lingen, the BENTELER Steel/Tube division operates a plant that produces steel from 100% scrap. Here the plant will welcome three apprentices.

-In Paderborn the Steel/Tube division operates a welded tube plant and a seamless tube plant. The Automotive division operates a plant for safety components, rear and front axle beams, hot- and cold-formed stampings and hydroformed tubes. Here, the two divisions will welcome a total of 44 apprentices, including seven work-study students.

-At the Bielefeld site, the Automotive division operates one plant. Here the plant will welcome one new apprentice.