HOLON at the Vienna Motor Symposium

Marco Kollmeier, CEO of HOLON, gave a keynote on the next generation of autonomous movers at the renowned conference at the end of April.

In his presentation, Kollmeier first took a look at the future of mobility in general. In doing so, he pointed to the growing importance of autonomous movers. "The global market for vehicles such as our HOLON Mover will grow rapidly over the next ten years," the CEO of the BENTELER subsidiary expressed his conviction.

Kollmeier then went into detail about our vehicle, which was presented to the global public for the first time at CES in January: state-of-the-art vehicle technology according to automotive standards, Pininfarina design, autonomous driving system from Mobileye, and full service solutions around the vehicle. "Our Mover, with its thoughtful details, is at the heart of sustainable, safe mobility. Autonomous driving at this level will shape our form of mobility in the future," said Marco Kollmeier.

The HOLON CEO continued, "It was a pleasure to now also present our innovative HOLON Mover at the prestigious symposium in Vienna. Here, too, it has been shown: Interest and demand for this new type of mobility is great. We intend to have the first vehicles on the road as early as 2024."

The symposium, which is held annually in Vienna, brings together experts from science, industry and politics to discuss the latest research findings and developments in automotive and engine technology. A broad range of topics is covered, from engine design and emission control to e-mobility.